Youthful Skin Essentials Package

Youthful Skin Essentials Package


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Product Description

Our IT Works prevent age cream gel is our beautiful daytime moisturizer. This pair of IT Works Prevent Age and Repair Age Cream Gel is created with protective formula of PREVENTAGE with the blend of botanicals in REPAIRAGE to help protect the damaging effects of environmental factors and pollutants. This power couple created for all skin types and it will provide 24 hours skin care, boost the appearance of skin’s tone and texture and promote elasticity to leave skin feeling firmer.

  • Nourish skin tone and texture
  • IT Works Prevent Age starts day fighting against the damaging effects of the sun rays and pollutants
  • Reduce wrinkle, fine lines and other signs of aging
  • Helps skin feel soft and soothed with beautifying botanicals and vitamins

Includes: 1 tube of PREVENTAGE and 1 tube of REPAIRAGE