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Welcome to our PRIVATE Women’s Wellness Community.
Created to support women to find PEACE & HAPPINESS within themselves and their ever changing body image!
Having both faced challenges with our heath and the health of our families, we have had our fair share of overwhelm, desperation, total confusion, and at times isolation and depression.
It goes without saying that at these times we need a soft place to land… someone to listen WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, some words of encouragement or a new idea…
We are opening our hearts, and the virtual doors to our online community.
We want to share our experiences with you and offer you a safe place to ask questions, and to start your Journey into Wellness with a supportive community around you.

We have created a private online community just for women…

Here's a sneak peek below of the what you can expect...


Sharing Wall

The ‘Sharing Wall’ is where the whole community can inspire, share, unload, vent and basically catch up. It will keep you updated on what is happening in the whole site.

Join Groups

Create your own ‘Group’ or join existing ones. A great way to join in on the conversation on a specific topic. Connect, Share and exchange ideas.




The ‘Videos’ area is a selection of educational, inspiring and informative documentaries, short clips and full length movies. Spend hours here soaking up the knowledge of some wonderful teachers… Updated weekly

Recipe Box

Nourishing the body starts with FOOD. Finding great, yummy, wholesome treats to satisfy those cravings without the guilt. No diets here just happy, healthy full of goodness foods. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Drink ideas. Recipes added weekly!




Our ‘Courses’ area is our pride and joy. This is where we will be running our online & face to face workshops, morning teas etc. We are launching the site with our 16 week Journey into Wellness Morning Teas.

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Start your new 'Journey into Wellness' today...

We look forward to meeting you soon…
Melissa & Stacey


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