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Is Sugar the New Fat?

Well the documentaries just keep on coming! ‘That Sugar Film’ changed the way I looked at my own diet. Sugar and refined carbohydrates have so many impacts on your health. It is definitely worth you doing your own research. Even though Nigel, in this documentary, is slim and exercises regularly, his test results from his sugar and junk food indulgences were quite shocking. You can’t always tell from the outside what your insides are doing and his idea that his exercise would balance out his diet couldn’t have been more from the truth. If your unsure how your diet is affecting your health why not go to the doctors and get your bloods tested. What your after is your blood Triglyceride levels.

This is an awesome article on the new science of How NOT to have HIGH TRIGLYCERIDES.

SBS – Is Sugar The New Fat?

Psychologist and author, Nigel Latta, looks into the question of whether too much sugar can be dangerous for you. Some believe sugar is the big contributor to a worldwide explosion in obesity, diabetes, and something called ‘metabolic syndrome’. Nigel embarks on a journey to discover if sugar could be the real culprit in this growing crisis. After an initial blood test, his confidence in what he’d previously considered a healthy lifestyle is snatched away, and what was at first a stunt for TV suddenly becomes a very personal journey trying to find out what we really should be eating. Nigel takes on world leading scientists and the food industry, and radically changes his diet in an attempt to both understand the truth about sugar.

Watch the Full Story Here on SBS on demand

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February 7, 2016

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